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Vinnie Caggiano, Eclectic Guitarist is a teacher, performer and composer. Originally from New York City, Vinnie received a degree in Music Composition at Five Towns College on Long Island. He now resides in Venice, California

His life experience brought him into the genre of Traditional African music, with Babatunde Olatunji in Manhattan and then in Los Angeles with Ayo Adeyemi and Sly Degbos.

In the Eighties he got involved with with MetaMusic Productions where he gained experience in music for the awakening of inner psychic centers through the mysticism of Oscar Ichazo's Arica Institute.

He has logged in literally thousands of hours of pro studio work for various artists. He has also done sound design for live theater companies, composed music for performance artists, played improvised, ambient music for poets and similar experimental work.

He plays locally at venues ranging from the bohemian to the high-end. Vinnie can also be found busking at Westminster and Boardwalk in Venice. His current band, The Blue Kind, plays locally in L.A. and has produced a CD called "Ladies And Gentlemen," free to download!


 Vinnie has been a music teacher and guitar instructor since the age of 21. He teaches from his apartment in Venice, by the ocean, or through Zoom and Skype.

Vinnie's focus is not just based around learning to play guitar but also teaches in-depth Music Theory so the student can eventually continue learning independently.

His forensic investigations into Music Theory led him to discoveries about the mechanics of music that go above and beyond what is taught in the halls of academia.

He recently made a new discovery he calls 'The Parallel/Relative Switch' which completely rewrites theory analysis of music.

He has an ongoing YouTube Series called "Fragments of Infinity" which lays out his unique perspective on how music really works.

If you're interested in learning from a pro who is a truly patient and unique teacher, click the 'Contact' link and be in touch with him!  

vinnie in solo performance

Just acoustic guitar

Moon River

She Likes To Drive (Original Piece)

vinnie with the blue kind

My awesome band

Can You Dig It?

Use Me
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If you're interested in guitar lessons, music theory lessons (or both) or would like to have some great musical accompaniment at your next event, follow the links below or give him a call: (310) 966-7682 or email

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